NRCC on Ossoff in #GA6: Not Honest, Not Qualified

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has released a new ad against Jon Ossoff in the GA-6 runoff race. The ad states that Ossoff is guilty of resume puffery, stating that Ossoff touted 5 years of security clearance instead of the actual 5 months he had the clearance.

Author: Lawton Sack

Lawton likes politics. And Cheez-Its. He is an IT graduate of Georgia Southern University, commonly referred to as The GSU. He rode in the elevator with the Oak Ridge Boys at the 2012 Republican National Convention. He has been called a RINO, an establishment hack, a libertarian, a Tea Partier, a right wing extremist, but he prefers to take long walks beside a lake.

2 thoughts on “NRCC on Ossoff in #GA6: Not Honest, Not Qualified”

  1. Worried about someone who lied about national security making a life or death decision affecting thousands of Americans?

    Surely NRCC jests. We already have such a person making such decisions, and Handel supports him.

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