Morning Reads for 5/17

Which of these songs best represents your Mother’s Day (and I know one of these two will cover all of’s readership)

“Mama Used to Say” by Junior or “I Wanna Get Rid of You” by Psychotic Pineapple? 

  1. Remember when Trump said Snowden should be “executed” for sharing classified info with Russia? 
  2. It’s nuts how he can’t even remember what he’s said to stop incriminating himself.
  3. Sanford Bishop: Re-work, don’t repeal, Obamacare. 
  4. How Trump is more and more like President Jimmy. 
  5. Experts: Time for Jimmy to return to North Korea. 
  6. Just wait for it: Race to enter ATL Mayoral Race. 
  7. Fmr. State Rep Mitchell Kaye: Why Handel deserves your vote. 
  8. NYTimes: Stacey Abrams one of the “young black Democrats eager to lead from the left” qua governor.

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