The Ossoff Tide Is Lifting GA Dems’ Political Tides–Or Just Their Optimism

Former State Rep. Sally Harrell (and erstwhile challenger to John Ossoff) sees a path back to the legislature, thanks to Ossoff’s upstart CD-6 race.

In a statement released on Thursday, Harrell said she’s coming for Sen. Fran Millar’s seat. As Greg Bluestein helpful notes, Millar’s district flipped in the last Presidential race. 

Harrell made clear in her statement she will run as a progressive Democrat, championing women’s rights and other liberal policies. 

Our demographics are changing. Our politics are evolving. Now is the time to stand up, claim our shared values and create change.

Voters in this district are engaged, informed, and know that many important decisions directly affecting their lives will be made at the state level in the years ahead. It is time we get it right on healthcare, education, transportation, and the myriad other issues facing Georgians.

I believe that government can have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. All our citizens deserve affordable healthcare, universal high-quality education from early childhood through college, practical and efficient transportation options, and clean air and water. It’s time that our government works for the people.

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