Website and Social Media Seek to “Draft” Gubernatorial Candidate

At some point in the last 24 hours a website and Facebook page have emerged urging Lynn Westmoreland to run for Governor. The website lists all the wonderful things about our home State before talking about the former Congressman. 

Now, we begin the process to find the next great leader of this incredible state. Georgia needs a Governor who will prioritize our challenges, offer fresh new solutions and lead us into the next decade.

Fortunately, we have that in Lynn Westmoreland. Lynn has always put Georgia first – as a State Representative, State House Republican Leader and a senior Member of the United States Congress. Lynn has always been there for Georgia. And once again, Georgia needs Lynn – this time as Governor.

Lynn has never backed down from a challenge and as Governor, Lynn will fix Georgia’s transportation infrastructure to make it the envy of the country, improve our education system at all levels so Georgians will know more so they can earn more, and reform government and the tax code to empower individuals and business to keep Georgia the #1 state to do business.

With Lynn, you know what you get, and he will always do what’s right, even if nobody is looking.

We need your help. Join us today by signing the petition to draft Lynn Westmoreland for Governor. Your support in drafting Lynn to be Georgia’s next Governor is critical in deciding the direction of our state in the next four and half years. Your commitment to this effort will tell Lynn we need him to lead us once again.

Georgia needs Lynn.

The Facebook page at last count has 116 likes and one visitor post that urges Westmoreland to support the troops. One post by the page has 21 shares.

In what is already quickly becoming a crowded field, Westmoreland isn’t the only notable former Representative to be said considering the seat. Jack Kingston is also rumored to be eyeing the seat. And while we are only a month or so into the season of rumors, they are bound to run rampant until more official news transpires.

*Disclaimer-Author worked as a staffer for former Congressman Westmoreland. 

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