Morning Reads – Thursday, April 27, 2017

On this date in 1861, President Lincoln issued an order to General Winfield Scott that authorized him to suspend the writ of habeas corpus between Philadelphia and Washington at or near any military line. Tyrant.


Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

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Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Trump on the stump for Handel, eh? So does that mean Karen supports the new healthcare bill, which now 1) lets insurers charge people with pre-existing conditions anything they want; 2) allows insurers to charge high prices for people like women of child-bearing age; 3) undermines coverage for the sick; 4) exposes nearly 50 million people to higher insurance prices; 5) takes coverage away from 24 million Americans; 6) increases average deductibles by $1,550; and 7) increases costs for individuals aged 55 to 64 by $8,000? I mean, she’s said that she’s willing to stand up to Trump. Lets see… Read more »


900 students searched for drugs and patted down at Worth County High. No warrant, no parental involvement. Probably a violation of the 4A.