Morning Reads – Thursday, April 20, 2017

On this date in 1972, the manned lunar module from Apollo 16 landed on the moon.


Jimmy Carter

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  1. Not sure that having Paul Ryan of 30-50 National Approval with you on the stump is an asset for you:

    Beyond the toxicity with swing voters, I would guess that the non-Handel supporting parts of the 6th that she needs to bring into the fold are also not Ryan supporters. And bringing Ryan with you on the stump binds you to his healthcare bill that everybody, Dems, Indies, and GOPers alike hated.

    1. Are you kidding, David? Everyone loves noted policy wonk Paul Ryan! Having Paul Ryan on the stump is a great way to remind folks about how the GOP majority is accomplishing all the things they campaigned on with efficiency, focus, and teamwork. I mean, if I saw Paul Ryan campaign for Karen Handel, I’d go “hmm, that Karen Handel is a problem-solver, just like Paul Ryan! I bet Karen Handel will keep her promises, just like Paul Ryan! I bet Karen Handel is smart and actually knows policy, just like Paul Ryan! I bet Karen Handel will kick millions and millions of hardworking people off of health insurance just so wealthy folks can get a tax break, just like Paul Ryan!”

      1. I’ll remind my liberal friend that your team governed so well that they lost to Donald Trump. That’s going to be my go to talking point with you.

        Paul Ryan is going to the 6th to raise money for Karen. You don’t turn that down.

              1. We have already hammered out our differences so there is no need to go through it again. We will never agree on this. The article doesn’t mention community rating, but I believe there will be changes to that as well.

              2. If your friend tells you he’s gonna get a face tattoo, you try your best to explain how face tattoos are a horrible idea. But, after a while, the only solution is to let your friend go ahead with the face tattoo and suffer the consequences. If Eiger & Co. want face tattoos that badly, there’s no point in continuing to argue with ’em.

        1. He doesn’t have to be in the 6th to raise money for her, especially as his SuperPAC has already been napalming Ossoff for a month. You don’t have to ‘turn down’ the money but you also don’t have to bring him to town to get it unless you want to show him off. But with AHCA disliked and getting worse, bringing him around for a dog and pony show isn’t great politics.

          1. Paul Ryan actually polls relatively well in the 6th. He does not hurt her. You think he does, because you don’t like him or her. Paul Ryan going to the 6th is not to get David C to vote for Karen Handel. It’s to help energize the base (a base that actually likes Paul)

              1. Taking advice from a democrat on what energizes the republican base probably isn’t smart, but you are correct that if Ossoff brings Pelosi, Bernie or Warren to the 6th he will be killing his campaign. He’s a smart campaigner and unfortunately won’t make that mistake.

      2. Speaking of endorsements, don’t forget that Trump is coming to town to speak to the NRA next week. Trump, given his childlike impulse control, very likely will speak and/or tweet his support of Handel while he’s in town, even if the Handel campaign would rather he not. The high GA-6 level of education probably correlates with relatively low support for the NRA within the GA-6 GOP—I figure GA-6 to be the least supportive of NRA of all GOP CDs in Georgia.

        GA-6 Republicans and independents are likely notably cooler on other issues commonly used to drive GOP turnout, such as Planned Parenthood. It’s going to be an interesting campaign.

  2. Ryan can hang out in the GA -6, but can’t hold a town hall in his own district… Granted, a gun stealing manifesto writing Ryan hating psychopath was roaming around Janesville the first 4 days of the House recess, but he could have gone to Kenosha with the President last Thursday, or held an event in Racine.

  3. I think I can say with about 99% certainty there will be no healthcare bill. It blows my mind that they are stupid enough to keep trying and keep it in the news cycle. People woke up to the fact that it wasn’t about healthcare but about the tax cuts so they could cut them further with tax “reform” (reform being the most over used word in DC these days because the term cuts doesnt play so well). The more they try the more the push up the positives for the ACA. Its not so easy when the Obama boogy man isnt there anymore.

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