Special Election Open Thread #GA6 #SD32

EDIT: 12:03 a.m. – Ossoff at 48.61%, Handel at 19.49%. Gray, Abroms endorse Handel in June 20th runoff.

11:40 p.m. – Technical issues in Fulton County. I am sure the Russians will be mentioned. WSB-TV reporting: “Rare data error from one of the cards means Fulton Co. will have to manually go through hundreds of cards to find the culprit.”

9:49 p.m. – Ossoff is just above 50% at 50.96%. Handel is in second at 18.08% and Judson Hill in third at 9.50%. 97/210 precincts reporting.

As of 9:37 p.m., GA-6 is trending towards an Ossoff (53.94%) – Handel (17.62%) runoff. 67/210 precincts reporting. A LONG way to go, though.

After what seems like a million campaign ads, posts, and tweets, it is finally election night in #GA6 (and SD32). GA6 has seen a special election where one penny was given locally for every $10 given nationally. Rachel Wilson has a great overview of the race and its finances over at The Center for Public Integrity.

You can follow the results below or at the Secretary of State’s website. Take note that the election results webpage has been updated and looks very nice and colorful.


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