Columbus Mayor Considering Statewide Run

According to an article in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is considering a statewide run for something. She hasn’t decided what, but Governor and Secretary of State are on the list. Earlier rumors mentioned a possible run for Attorney General, but apparently, Mayor Tomlinson approves of the job current Attorney General Chris Carr is doing for the state. According to the article Tomlinson said;

“I have always been — and I have not gotten as much credit for it by some — someone who doesn’t always go against a candidate just because of their party. I look to see if they are doing a good job.”

Tomlinson would not reveal names, but says she has been approached by state officials and folks within the DNC to run for all three positions. The mayor says she will make a decision within the next week or so, stating several factors are weighing her decision making process including “lifestyle and family.” Tomlinson is married to attorney Trip Tomlinson, and has aging parents.

“Being in public life is all consuming,” Tomlinson said. “My dad is 81, my mom is 78. I have a husband, with whom I love spending time. All that suffers when you are in public life.”

Before life in the public eye, Teresa Tomlinson was a trial lawyer with Pope McGlamry. She left the law in 2006 to run MidTown, Inc., a non-profit in Columbus. In 2010, Tomlinson became the first female mayor of Columbus, Georgia. The position is term-limited to two four year terms, however, and she is unable to run for the office again.

She will have to work hard to gain the same level of statewide name recognition as others seeking a position on the Democratic ballot for both offices. With rumors of Stacy Abrams, Kasim Reed, Jason Carter, Stacy Evans, and John Barrow all considering a run for Governor, Mayor Tomlinson would have her work cut out for her if she chose that lane. There are fewer rumors of potential candidates on the Democratic ballot when it comes to Secretary of State. But with strong candidates already announced on the Republican ballot and Georgia still considered a Red State, the race will be hard fought no matter she decides.


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