Bob Gray Accuses Jon Ossoff of Guerilla Sign Tactics in #GA6

CNN has definitely been keeping close tabs on the GA-6 special election. A reader has brought to our attention a story CNN posted about Bob Gray (R) accusing Jon Ossoff (D) of placing campaign signs in people’s yards without permission. Gray’s comments came from an interview with Gray on The Bryan Crabtree Show. Ossoff’s campaign denies the practice.


“Well, they’ve got the Hillary (Clinton) voting list and they’re just having large teams, many from out of state, walk through and they’re just putting signs in every yard of a Hillary voter.”

Ossoff’s campaign via an email to CNN’s KFile:

“Our campaign has provided ways to request yard signs (sign-in sheets at events and online). We have delivered yard signs to those who have requested them, and when doing so we have included a stapled sheet explaining how they got the yard sign and who to contact if they received it in error.”


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