Isakson, Perdue Comment on Democrats’ Filibuster of Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination

A few minutes ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell deployed “the nuclear option,” which will allow the Senate to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court on a simple majority vote. This is in response to the Democratic filibuster on Gorsuch’s nomination that began three days ago.

Both of Georgia’s Senators have released statements regarding the filibuster.

Senator Johnny Isakson:

“Judge Gorsuch is an exceptional nominee with the right judicial temperament and a strong reliance on the text of our Constitution and laws. I am extremely disappointed by the blind obstruction carried out by Senate Democrats today. The Senate and our country are headed in a dangerous direction if this type of partisan behavior continues. Though I had hoped that my Democrat colleagues might be willing to put country over party and do the right thing here today, there is no reason for further delay of the Senate’s consideration of Judge Gorsuch. I urge the Senate to move quickly toward a final vote on his nomination to fill this critical vacancy.”

Senator David Perdue:

“Judge Gorsuch is a principled jurist who is steadfast in his commitment to defending the Constitution. Democrats have agreed, and they confirmed Judge Gorsuch without objection in 2006. That’s why it is ridiculous Democrats today put self-interest and party-interest ahead of the nation’s interest. Republicans this year have said all along we’ll do what it takes to get Judge Gorsuch the up-or-down vote he deserves, and next week he will be an Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.”


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