#GA6 Update – Handel, CLF Run New Ads and O$$off Leads Fundraising

Jon O$$off Leads Fundraising

We continually check the FEC.gov website for the quarterly reports for the GA-6 special election, but they are only showing four reports at the moment, and one of those listed (Joshua Ivan LcLaurin) did not qualify. Until then, we are relying upon outside reports.

The AJC is reporting that Jon Ossoff has raised $8.3 million, with $2.1 million still on hand. 95% of the money came from outside of Georgia.

They also report that Karen Handel has raised $463,000, with $183,000 on hand and Judson Hill has raised $473,000, with $113,000 on hand.

Congressional Leadership Fund New Ad

Karen Handel New Ad

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With all that money he still has people doing ads for free


or the paid ad


Sally Forth
Sally Forth

Suh-prise, suh-prise! 95% of Ossoff’s millions have come from out of state. George Soros, Hungarian born advocate of One World Order, along with other billionaire Cintonistas of his ilk are trying to buy one of Georgia’s congressional seats. Let’s hope the voters in the 6th are smart enough not to let them do it.

David C
David C

Fun fact: Unlike the SuperPAC intervening on the GOP side, all of Ossoff’s donations are directly to his campaign. What does that mean? It means a maximum donation limit of $2,700 per contributor per election. So you could give him $2,700 that can be spent before the jungle primary, then another $2,700 that can be spent between then and a runoff. So George Soros and ‘billionaire Clintonistas’ you think are out there, can only give a pittance of the $8.3 million he’s raised so far. That money has mostly come from small donors and activists. A ‘billionaire Trumpite,’ however, can… Read more »


Other fun fact…his avg donation is $47 and change. I have to laugh at anyone desperate enough to throw out the Soros name.


Yet all the anti-Ossoff ads are superpac ads that could be given millions in undisclosed money. I could name drop names of those supporters as well…but that would look shrill