New GOP Poll Shows Ossoff Declining in Support

The Washington Examiner, using information from a Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) letter to its donors, is reporting that Jon Ossoff’s campaign has taken a signficant hit since the CLF began running its $2.2 million ad buy. The memo states that “in just one week, Ossoff has stalled on the ballot, and most importantly, he is now underwater with more voters viewing him unfavorably (38% favorable, 47% unfavorable). This is a large swing from last week when he was +17 (43% favorable, 26% unfavorable).”

The memo also shows that voters prefer a pro-Ryan agenda candidate (62%) to a pro-Pelosi agenda candidate (26%) and that, by a margin of 47-36, the voters believe Ossoff will be Pelosi’s rubber stamp. The poll also showed that “a plurality of voters believe Ossoff has made up facts to cover up his inexperience.”


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