LeVell to Gray: Stop Lying, I am the Real Trump Candidate in #GA6

GA-6 Congressional candidate Bruce LeVell received a strong show of support and an endorsement from Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s former campaign manager, at a rally in Alpharetta on Wednesday. Despite being replaced as campaign manager before the general election, Lewandowski remains a close confidant and supporter of President Trump.

Lewandowski and LeVell both made clear statements that LeVell, not Gray, is the true Trump candidate in the 18-person special election to be held on April 18.

Bruce LeVell:

“I am the real Trump candidate in this race and this rally has proven it. No other candidate knows the President and the Administration like me. And there is a reason: during the 2016 election, I specifically tried to get each of [the] former and current elected officials in the Georgia 6th District congressional race onto the Trump Train. Not a single one of them would join. They all sat on their hands.

As for Bob Gray, he needs to stop lying to the 6th District. He’d do better just being himself instead of pretending to be someone he’s not.

On election day, the voters will remember who Corey Lewandowski came to campaign for – and why.”

Corey Lewandowski:

“Bruce LeVell is the true Trump candidate in Georgia’s 6th District. He was at our side from the start of the Trump Campaign in 2015. Bruce is the President’s main man in Georgia.

President Trump needs Congressmen like Bruce LeVell to help promote his agenda on Capitol Hill. I am proud to be endorsing and campaigning for Bruce LeVell.”


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