I-85. What to Say?

We all know what happened last night and that’s partly what has made writing this post so difficult.

The other difficulty is how utterly unimaginable it should be that one of the most important cities in the world’s richest, most powerful nation has a key element of its infrastructure collapse. Regrettably, America’s infrastructure is in horrible condition and failing (SAD!). In 2014, the American Society of Civil Engineers graded Georgia’s infrastructure a C and our bridges a C-. The 2017 grade hasn’t been announced and I am emailing the ASCE for a comment on last night’s event.

Related to the above: if we had a robust, well-planned mass transit system, that would greatly alleviate the transportation woes that are going to ail Atlantans at least through the summer.

We don’t know yet if this was just a horrible accident or a symptom of something far worse. And candidly I don’t think there’s any one solution. Hopefully this catalyzes policy makers in the state and country to look at our roads and highways and do all that can be done to prevent another collapse, even if it means a big bill for taxpayers.


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