Sabato Changes #GA6 From Likely R to Toss-Up

Sabato’s Crystal Ball has moved the GA-6 special election from Likely R to Toss-Up. Kyle Kondik, the Managing Editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball, shared some reasons via Twitter for making the change:

  • “The main Dem candidate, Jon Ossoff, has raised a ton of money and seems assured, at the very least, of making a runoff”
  • “There is an outside chance he wins outright on April 18, as Nate Cohn noted” for The New York Times
  • “A main outside R group (CLF) was already engaged, and now it appears the NRCC is getting in too. At very least, Rs are concerned”

Kondik notes that “there’s sufficient uncertainty heading into first round that we’re calling it a Toss-up, Will reevaluate after, assuming runoff.”


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