This Liberal Is A Hypocrite

Admittedly I haven’t paid full attention to Session over the last few weeks (or months, actually) but one bill, House Bill 280, has justifiably caught statewide attention. House Bill 280 is Campus Carry. As you may recall, Governor Deal vetoed Campus Carry last year citing concerns that the legislation was too broad.

Campus Carry is a divisive issue by nature. 2nd Amendment supporters and opponents often clash over the smallest of issues, but now we’re talking about placing guns in university buildings. As such, emotions run high.

Responses to the Georgia General Assembly passing another Campus Carry bill on the anti-gun side have ranged from disappointment to rage, but here is one response that struck me as more than unacceptable:

Senator Gooch’s district includes the University of North Georgia, a senior military college with a long history of military tradition. I share this as an example of how not to react. Firstly, do not insinuate that stray bullets will land in the bodies of a legislator’s family. Secondly, emotional¬†imagery that depicts our universities as battle grounds achieves nothing.

Senator Gooch, I wish the best to you, your wife, and your kids.

And Holly, get it together.

EDITED: I misspelled the word “Hypocrite.” What? Do you expect me to write well or something?


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