Sen. Perdue Endorses Moody in #GA6

A press release from Dan Moody’s GA-6 Congressional campaign shares that they have secured the endorsement of U.S. Senator David Perdue:

U.S. Senator David Perdue today endorsed Dan Moody’s campaign for Congress in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Perdue, a successful businessman and CEO before his outsider campaign for the U.S. Senate, is seen as a major force for change and getting things done in Washington, and is a staunch ally of President Donald Trump.

“In politics, there are endorsements and there are endorsements,” Moody said. “This is an Endorsement with a capital “E.” and I couldn’t be prouder to have David’s support. He is one of the top “get things done” members of the Senate and I look forward to helping him strike while the iron is hot and implement real conservative change in Washington.”

In the ad, Perdue says:

You sent me to Washington as an outsider to help fix a broken system. With a new president who isn’t afraid to shake things up, we finally have a real chance.

Trust me, we don’t need another career politician up here.

Dan Moody cares more about getting results, than getting credit.

That’s so uncommon and exactly what we need.

Dan’s one of us.

The ad is running on broadcast and cable television across the district. Bigly.

Moody is known for his record of quiet accomplishment in the State Senate where he balanced the Senate Caucus budget singlehandedly and helped make significant cuts to balance the state budget. He also boosted charter schools, voter ID, choice in health care and tougher sex offender registration laws. In 2005, Governor Sonny Perdue named Dan Legislator of the Year for his work.

“There is plenty of political yelling in Washington these days,” Moody said. “I will join Senator Perdue as an effective doer, and I can’t wait to get started on repealing Obamacare, cutting the federal budget and overhauling our tax code.”

The ad can be seen HERE.

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But what about Moody’s nine grandchildren??

“In a text we just received, Moody gave his reasons for resigning as nine grandchildren ‘and a consulting job in the Florida panhandle. Time to move on.'”

The Eiger
The Eiger

He won’t have to worry about never seeing them because he’s not going to win. We all know he’s just the sugar daddy paying the Perdue campaign peeps until the 2018 races kick off. They are just going to suck him dry and then move one. That’s why he’s spending so much on tv in a special election in a expensive media market. Because his campaign people make money that way.

This really is elder abuse.

David C
David C

I can’t wait to get started on repealing Obamacare,

In other news, Duke can’t wait to get started on winning the national title this year.


No gloating. They might take it off the back burner, stick in the floor microwave and nuke all value and taste out of it, and get it passed this time.


Yeah, Dan Moody who ran the sexist elephant in pearls ad is going to make the run off…dont think so. Its also worth noting that the pearls were cut out of the latest TV version of the ad. Offending half the population is never a good campaign opener.