Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 28

Good morning! The special Mass intention at an Atlanta-area Catholic school this morning is for the repose of the soul of Jon Richards.

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This is a ‘more constructive” comment? I give you credit for “less lib” (But… only a little).


71 bills on the rules calendar today? We wonder how so many laws get passed that have to be fixed the following year.

Anne Richards McFall
Anne Richards McFall

Thank you Teri for your nice comments about my brother Jon. Funny enough, I am also a big Hamilton fan (read the book, can sing every song, even went to see it in NY as a very special, 50th birthday present from my husband.) He suggested that I listen to the soundtrack on Sunday, driving home to Florida after being with Jon all week. I have heard it a billion times, but thought ok, I might as well, it’s possible I need a distraction after the worst week of my life. There were several overlaps with my brother and Hamilton… Read more »