Morning Reads on 3-22-17

I’m so glad I’m livin’ in the U.S.A. Anything you want, we got right here in the U.S.A.

“Back in the USA” by Chuck Berry. 

  1. Hall County teachers trying to re-create Breaking Bad but with cocaine, heroin. 
  2. Why isn’t Atlanta the Nashville of hip-hop?
  3. Because Atlanta is the Atlanta of hip-hop.
  4. Memorial Drive’s Greenway final plan unveiled and it should be awesome(And permanently price me out of the neighborhood).
  5. “Safe harbor” vs. “sanctuary” debate at Emory gets national attention. 
  6. Marketplace also reports on the dire future for Georgia’s rural hospitals and the even more dire future for the citizens they serve. 
  7. Eats: A true Atlanta treasure. 
  8. If you had to guess the one evening newscast experiencing growth you wouldn’t have guessed PBS’s “NewsHour.”
  9. PEN/Faulkner Award finalists announced. 
  10. Man Booker Prize longlist announced. 

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