GAGOP First Vice Chair Race Heats Up

Internet personality Michael Strollo of Cumming, Georgia, former Chairman of the Georgia Teenage Republicans, announced his candidacy for First Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. He boasts his experience in the United States National Guard and his 50,000 Twitter followers as the foundations of what he seeks to achieve if elected.

His political experience includes Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign and the Stand for Principle super PAC.

Stollo promised to overhaul the party budget and fundraise

“There is no turning a blind eye, Georgia is transitioning. We’re shifting to become a blue state. The party is not growing and neither is its bank account. When elected, my first act will be to work with our executive committee to overhaul the party budget and cut wasteful spending. Fundraising and financing go hand-in-hand. We all have budgets and there is no reason the party shouldn’t have one as well.”

Strollo faces fellow Cumming resident and former Forsyth County GOP Chairman Carolyn Fisher. The Forsyth County GOP passed a resolution last Saturday at their county convention endorsing Fisher for the First Vice Chairman position.

The Strollo family is no stranger to Georgia Republican Party politics. Last year, Strollo’s aunt, Maria Strollo-Zack, ran for National Committee Woman. She was defeated by Ginger Howard on the second ballot.

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