Secretary Sonny Good For Pork Projects; Will Have Stricter Ethics Than Trump

Former Governor Sonny Perude is expected to sail through his nomination hearings which begin Thursday.

Perdue was nominated as Agriculture Secretary by President Trump but Perdue’s nomination was held up due to paperwork issues. It’s still unclear what caused said hold up but regardless, Perdue can book his plane tickets to DCA now.

When the hearings begin, Perude will have the backing of nearly 700 agriculture groups, Tom Vilsack who was AgSec under President Obama, the implied approval of the ranking Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee and perhaps best of all, the National Pork Producers Council (who also brought you today’s slightly misleading headline). 

Undoubtedly there’s opposition to Perdue but the strongest I can find comes from the Center for Biological Diversity (with whom then-Gov. Perdue sparred over rattlesnake legislation).

Another fun fact: Perdue will put his business assets in a blind trust as AgSec. That’s something President Trump has steadfastly refused to do, instead holding himself to an absurdly and pathetically lax ethical standard. Most notably, Perdue also refused to put his assets in a blind trust as governor.

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