Morning Reads — Monday, March 20

Happy Monday, y’all. I hope your liver is sufficiently recovered from then weekend’s shenanigans. Your dignity, well, that’s probably long gone.




Author: Will Kremer

Will is an active member of the Georgia Republican grassroots. He previously served as Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, 2nd Vice Chairman of the 7th District Republican Party, and Treasurer of the Forsyth County Republican Party. Promise Land = Forsyth County.

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    1. Good pic – is it the lack of diversity, the oil money, the culture of 5 million people where ability not gender or race counts, income disparity is low, citizenship is restrictive and military time is compulsory ? Things are changing in Oslo.

      1. Yeah, that is a very good picture.

        I suppose any country is diverse enough so you can choose what you like. I’ll take the biggest sovereign wealth fund in the world and free health care to go with all the blondes and fish.

  1. Please review the UPDATED schedule for today. This Rules Calendar replaces and takes precedence over the Rules Calendar published March 16, 2017.

    The following bills will be on the Senate floor on MONDAY,MARCH 20:

    · HB 14 – Courts; sheriff to collect and deposit certain fees; provide (JUDY-3rd) Jones-167th
    · HB 74 – Insurance; life risk-based capital trend test to comply with accreditation standards; change (I&L-9th) Taylor-173rd
    · HB 320 – Motor vehicles; installation or reinstallation of object in lieu of air bag; change provisions (PUB SAF-14th) Hitchens-161st
    · HB 328 – Highways; uniform rules of the road; provisions (TRANS-51st) Watson-172nd
    · HB 337 – State Tax Execution Modernization Act; enact (FIN-27th) Williamson-115th
    · HB 391 – Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002; revise provisions (SJUDY-21st) Clark-98th
    · HB 425 – Elementary and secondary education; administration of standardized assessments in paper-and-pencil format upon parental request; provide (ED&Y-40th) Chandler-105th

  2. I can’t speak for the many Irish defendants in Georgia. Personally, some of my beloved defendants came here to avoid being hung or imprisoned during the North Ireland uprisings between 1916 and 1921. The remaining members of the republican (aka Catholics) carried on to raise a few more decedents of defendants who were not so lucky to escape their loyalist lawman. Many in my generation became Irish banisters (Irish defender’s).

    1. Actually came out pretty good – both Comey and Rogers said there was no tampering with the election, and that Russians have been doing their spying and trying to shape political opinions in US citizenry for many decades. Long before computer hacking existed. Like the 2010 case of The Illegals, a ring of Russian sleeper spies who burrowed into workaday America and civilian positions throughout the country that the FBI uncovered. And the US traded them with Russia to get back some of our spies they’d captured over there. In the past they used coded radio transmissions, invisible ink, cash drops, etc. Now they have the internet and cyber attacks. They both said this is nothing new. I say that today’s public circus was exactly the kind of thing Putin & Co. were trying to create — they must have been laughing their butts off.

      The only crime Comey said happened in this whole mess was the unmasking of a US citizen in classified info concerning the person to whom they were talking. That was done by any of the 20 people in the Obama administration who were authorized to unmask. The leak to the press had to come from one of them, or someone they told. That was a felony punishable with 5 years in prison. IMO the most important thing to do now is for the FBI to track down the person who did that and put them behind bars. No US citizen can feel secure in their Constitutional protection until that is done.

      1. “Comey and Rogers said there was no tampering with the election”

        Which hearings did you listen to? Breitbart’s?

        CONAWAY: Did — as of early December of ’16, did the FBI assess that the active measures were to undermine — by the Russians were to undermine the faith in U.S. Democratic process as you come to that conclusion by early December?

        COMEY: I think that’s right, December of last year.

        CONAWAY: Sixteen, yes sir.

        COMEY: I think we’re at that point, yes.

        CONAWAY: And then active measures conducted against Secretary Clinton, to denigrate her, hurt her campaign and also undermined her presidency?

        COMEY: Correct.

        CONAWAY: All right. And then, the conclusion that active measures were taken specifically to help President Trump’s campaign, you had that — by early December, you already had that conclusion?

        COMEY: Correct, that they wanted to hurt our democracy, hurt her, help him. I think all three we were confident in, at least as early as December.

        Full transcript here:

        1. Shh don’t burst his special little bubble. He also misheard/misstated the number of people who could have unmasked Flynn. The testimony was that there were 20 folks at NSA with that knowledge, but that wasn’t the extent of the people with that info or the ability to obtain it.

          Also, let’s consider for one second why Flynn was unmasked. He was an avowed foreign agent that had been significantly compromised by the Russian government and was working as the freaking National Security Advisor. I would hope that our intel community would be willing to blow the whistle when an individual with Flynn’s access is compromised to the extent he was.

          There’s significant irony, btw, in Gowdy getting his panties in a bunch about leaking and unmasking. His committee was a veritable leak-o-rama and his boy Chaffetz “accidentally” disclosed the identity of a CIA asset.

        2. Nope, I streamed it on my computer while working, listened/heard with my own two ears exactly what was said. I don’t rely on the Washington Post or any online news sources to interpret for me. Trump-hater Conaway was of course asking leading questions, more statements than questions. Comey was very uncomfortable with that, tried to be as direct as possible. He clearly stated that this has been going on for decades, not just the recent election cycle. Russia’s goal was and is always to sow discord in the American citizenry — but with folks like you and Drew doing the job for them, they needn’t lift a finger.

          And for Drew’s edification, I will quote again what I wrote above: “That was done by any of the 20 people in the Obama administration who were authorized to unmask. The leak to the press had to come from one of them, or someone they told.” Get that “or someone they told” part? I believe he said that 16 other people had access to the unmasked document, and it was his opinion that the leak had come from that tier.

          Flynn was NOT the National Security Advisor at the time he was unmasked in 2016. He was a private citizen. President Trump was not inaugurated til Jan. 20th in case you forgot – could not have appointed anyone before that.

          1. Also, in the interest of clarification, Flynn was announced as Nat Sec Adviser on Nov. 18, 2016 in addition to being a high-level member of Trump’s campaign and a member of Trump’s Presidential Transition. So the “he was a private citizen” argument is vastly underplaying his role.

            Further, let’s just make sure we’re on the same factual footing, since I worry about where you’re getting your news and legal analysis. There was/is nothing illegal about monitoring the communications of the Russian ambassador and there is nothing per se illegal about unmasking Flynn’s identity in the context of a (now confirmed) investigation into contacts and possible coordination between a foreign government and the Trump campaign. I would contend that unmasking Flynn is necessary to said investigation because it indicates upper-level campaign staff were in contact with high-level Russian government officials and is therefore essential to the FBI’s continued investigation.

            The illegality here does not come from the unmasking, it comes from the leaking of Flynn’s identity which, as a result of being part of an ongoing classified investigation, is classified. I am all for finding out who leaked the info, but not at the expense of diverting attention and resources away from the more pertinent issue: an adverse foreign power actively interceded to erode trust in our democratic institutions and interfere in our electoral process and is doing the same thing in democracies throughout Europe. Even if there’s no actual evidence of coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, it is essential that we uncover the why and how of Russian involvement in this election. Understanding this issue and figuring out what happened is absolutely vital to preventing it in the future.

            I will say that there seems to be a whole heck of a lot of smoke billowing out of the White House at the present moment and Congressional Republicans only seem interested in figuring out who the heck pulled the fire alarm.

          2. Flynn was (and is) more then a Private Citizen. He is a retired general. He excepted money from a foreign government for speeches to state owned companies that work against us. He lobbied the US for the interests of Turkey for money, not his own country. In doing so he violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, barring retired military officials from accepting gifts or payments from any foreign government.

            1. To clarify, are you saying he not only didn’t properly register as a foreign agent and even moreso because he was retired military he couldn’t even if he wanted to? I’m unclear on the actual regs. Thanks!

            1. Agreed, Ben. I hope they find them and give them the same amount of negative publicity as has been given to their illegal leaks. They need to be prosecuted and punished.

              None of the people planned to be appointed were official until appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate — some have not actually been appointed. Per Comey, the illegal action occurred when a then-private citizen was unmasked. Had they not done that, leaking of his name could not have happened. Period. The end.

              Yesterday’s testimony verified that there was an FBI investigation going on. If there was an investigation – and there was – then there *was* surveillance of Trump Tower. Period. The end.
              Facts once again prove that the Tweeter in Chief was right again. Don’tcha hate it when that happens?

              Members of the secular liberal religion need to stop running around with their hair on fire, running into plate glass windows. Our country has a lot of real problems, and everyone needs to simmer down, focus on truly important things. Like that $20 trillion national debt Trump inherited from Obama. We’ve been spending like drunken sailors the last 8 years, and belt tightening is going to be hard. But we cannot keep running our country on credit cards owned by Japan and China. We must somehow start paying that down – we have allowed compassion to become recklessness.

      2. Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was in contact with Guccifer and Wikileaks last summer, and revealed the Podesta email leaks -2 months in advance. I’m pretty sure the FBI is looking into that.

  3. Erick Erickson, founder of the old place, recently tweeted ….. “In Matt 25, when Jesus talks about caring for “the least of these”, he isn’t talking about the poor in general, but Christians.”

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    1. So the moral of the parable of the Good Samaritan is that I should only help people with my belief system? Or that the true heros were the folks who told the injured traveler to get a job and stop looking for handouts?

  4. In the words of Barney Frank (that bastion of conservatism) voicing concern for his own political party this past Friday, “Liberalism has become a secular religion, and they shut down anyone who disagrees with them.” He was upset about recent happenings at Middlebury, said that the “faculty and bunch of brats violated the civil liberties of others.” Who needs Christianity when we have Liberalism as the religion du jour? Erickson is SO behind the times with that Biblical stuff.

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