Hill Jabs Back at Gray in #GA6

I ain’t even gonna comment, except to say if you want to vote in the GA-6 Special Election, the deadline is today to register. Here is Judson Hill’s latest, unedited press release about Bob Gray:

Clearing up the ‘Gray matters’
Political swamp creature denies his own social media posts

The campaign of Judson Hill today politely informed politician Bob Gray that he should move out of the swamp before draining it.

Responding to evidence that he posted anti-Trump materials on his Facebook page, including a sign a with “Nope” written under Trump’s image, during last year’s general election, Gray proved his bona fides as a political Swamp Creature.

“He never owned, purchased, or displayed any such sign,” a Gray campaign spokesperson said, obviously hoping that a critical mass of 6th District voters have never used Facebook and don’t realize you can post an image of a sign that you don’t physically own.”

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“Moving from the swamp to dry land too quickly can prove fatal for a politician who’s gotten used to the swamp,” said Ian Caraway, campaign manager for Judson Hill. “As the campaign has unfolded we’ve seen more and more that Bob Gray isn’t who he claims to be. First, he’s an elected official, not an outsider, and he never supported Trump until a congressional seat came open and it became expedient to do so. He’s not a ‘willing partner’ for Trump so much as a ‘willing phony.'”

While Gray’s outsider credentials never withstood scrutiny, recent revelations undermine his argument that he’s a loyal soldier of the Make America Great Again army. Social media posts show he questioned Trump’s conservative bona fides and called his rhetoric “ridiculous.” He continued to post negativity about Trump even during the general election.

“Democrats are chomping at the bit for a comeback win here in this district. We can’t risk a Republican who voters can’t trust, just as we can’t risk a candidate who would portray a female opponent as an elephant in pearls. Judson Hill is the trusted conservative who has cut taxes, fought illegal immigration and enacted laws that expand choice and lower costs in healthcare. Judson Hill is the only Republican we can depend on to beat the Democrats.”


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