Some Goodbyes Are Shorter Than Others

Jon Richards says hello, and goodbye

This is a post I would rather not write, had guessed I would probably have to write, but had also hoped it would be much longer down the road than today. But today is that day.

After a meeting with Jon’s family and Jon’s doctors, the decision has been made to move Jon into hospice care. No one ever wants to make this decision. The reality is that these kinds of decisions are well above our pay grade.

The goal at this time is to keep Jon comfortable and manage the pain that is forever enjoined with stage IV cancer. He’s mostly soothed at this time. It is our prayer that he will remain this way during the days he has left.

Please continue to keep Jon’s Mom Caroline and sisters Anne and Amy in your prayers. Say one for comfort and peace for Jon, as we prepare to say our goodbyes, and “til we meet again”.


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