Bob Gray on Recent zPolitics / Clout Research #GA6 Poll

Republican Bob Gray issued a press release after an exclusive poll was released by zPolitics and Clout Research. The poll shows Gray sitting in third place at 15.6% behind Democrat Jon Ossoff (40.9%) and Republican Karen Handel (16.1%). The rest of the poll can be seen at the zPolitics link above.

Tyler Jacobs, Gray’s Campaign Manager:

“This poll corroborates the trends we’re seeing on the ground and in the earlier polls – conservatives are rallying around Bob as Handel fades. This is despite Handel having built name ID by being on the ballot 8 times in the last two decades. Bob Gray is the only Republican candidate who can energize the Trump base and turn out conservatives in the runoff election.”

Bob Gray added: “We’re working for it, we’re earning it, and it’s paying off!”

The press release also included Erick Erickson’s response to Club for Growth endorsing Gray over Judson Hill:

“The biggest issue for me here is that Judson Hill didn’t get the endorsement of the Club for Growth. You would think that he would be the guy who would do it. Instead, they went with Gray. I know this from the Club for Growth guys – they’ve felt like all along that Gray was the guy closest to them on the issues.”

Author: Lawton Sack

Lawton likes politics. And Cheez-Its. He is an IT graduate of Georgia Southern University, commonly referred to as The GSU. He rode in the elevator with the Oak Ridge Boys at the 2012 Republican National Convention. He has been called a RINO, an establishment hack, a libertarian, a Tea Partier, a right wing extremist, but he prefers to take long walks beside a lake.

7 thoughts on “Bob Gray on Recent zPolitics / Clout Research #GA6 Poll”

  1. Relevant numbers: Dem Candidates 44 GOP 48: Trump approval 49 Disapproval 50.

    The Obamacare/Trumpcare in these questions are so weird though:

    “Based everything you have seen, read, or heard about the White House and Congressional efforts underway in Washington D.C. to repeal and replace the health care law known as Obamacare, would you say that you are very optimistic, somewhat optimistic, somewhat PESSIMISTIC, or very pessimistic that you will be happy with whatever finally happens regarding that law”

    “The current state of Obamacare is up in the air, and there appear to be conflicts over many aspects of the issue. IF YOU HAD TO SAY, who would you blame MOST for the current uncertainty about the future of Obamacare

    President Trump, the Congressional Republicans, the Congressional Democrats, or the national news media?”

    Why not just ask about opinions on the two laws? I mean, if I got this poll, these two questions would confuse the heck out of me.

  2. There is a lot in those cross tabs that if you are a republican you should be worried about.
    47.3% blame republicans for the uncertainty in healthcare
    36.5% are very pessimistic that they will like the replacement (leader in category)
    With Ossoff at 40.9% and those who chose Ossoff as their second choice at 5.6 (those have to be republican voters for the most part since Slotin was polling at 2.9) a path to winning can be seem developing.
    The attack ads against Ossoff seem to be backfiring as it is solidifying democratic support and enthusiasm his way.

    If Gray manages to beat Handel he is going to be hard pressed with getting women voters to turn out after the “pearl fiasco”…one that Hill keeps pointing out

    1. Seeing as how it wasnt Gray who did the pearl ad…I might be placing images in the heads of republican women associating Gray with pearls…(in the immortal words of Rick Perry) …ooops

  3. “In order to ensure the district doesn’t flip, Lake says that GOP candidates should “focus on defining Jon Ossoff” in the remaining days until the special election.”

    It’s a rare thing for a candidate for Congress in it to win it placing party ahead of ambition. Defining Jon Ossoff is what other campaigns waste their money on.

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