Bob Gray on Recent zPolitics / Clout Research #GA6 Poll

Republican Bob Gray issued a press release after an exclusive poll was released by zPolitics and Clout Research. The poll shows Gray sitting in third place at 15.6% behind Democrat Jon Ossoff (40.9%) and Republican Karen Handel (16.1%). The rest of the poll can be seen at the zPolitics link above.

Tyler Jacobs, Gray’s Campaign Manager:

“This poll corroborates the trends we’re seeing on the ground and in the earlier polls – conservatives are rallying around Bob as Handel fades. This is despite Handel having built name ID by being on the ballot 8 times in the last two decades. Bob Gray is the only Republican candidate who can energize the Trump base and turn out conservatives in the runoff election.”

Bob Gray added: “We’re working for it, we’re earning it, and it’s paying off!”

The press release also included Erick Erickson’s response to Club for Growth endorsing Gray over Judson Hill:

“The biggest issue for me here is that Judson Hill didn’t get the endorsement of the Club for Growth. You would think that he would be the guy who would do it. Instead, they went with Gray. I know this from the Club for Growth guys – they’ve felt like all along that Gray was the guy closest to them on the issues.”


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