Amy Kremer’s Campaign Staff Quits

Amy Kremer, a Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 6th district and a person with whom I share no relation, has a little problem. Her entire campaign staff quit. But why? Because of another little problem: She isn’t raising enough money to have a campaign staff.

Her former campaign manager sent out the following press release

The entire campaign staff of GA 6th District Congressional candidate and former Tea Party Express CEO Amy Kremer has resigned over Kremer’s inability to raise funds and failure to pay her staff and operating bills, including campaign vendors.

Ms. Kremer had only raised $2,500 through the first month despite placing 4th among Republican candidates in a recent poll.

This is yet another setback for Ms. Kremer whose previous venture, Women Vote Trump Pac, raised only $28,000 of its $30 million goal.


Yikes. Anyway, 32 days until the madness is over.


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