Update on Advertising In GA 6th

UPDATE:: Apparently there’s a thing in browsers called a cache, and if you have an out-of-date one, it can lead you to false errors on various websites, such as DanMoody.com which is working fine, as now reflected in this post. In keeping with our long-established editorial policy, we regret the error and blame others.

We posted a compare and contrast of the first round of TV ads in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District last week, and there have been some updates. As noted by 11Alive News, Karen Handel is out with a minute-plus web ad, describing Jon Ossoff as a “lightweight liberal.”

Entitled “Lightweight Liberal,” the ad takes aim at the Democratic frontrunner in the race, Democrat Jon Ossoff. Handel campaign spokesman John Porter also said the ad is designed highlight the “tax-and-spend agenda behind Jon Ossoff’s chief supporters, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.”


Former State Senator Dan Moody supposedly has an updated commercial as well, but which we can’t find on his PERFECTLY SECURE website.

TV ad spending is already at $3.7 million in the district contest, as noted by Greg Bluestein in the AJC:

“An analysis of advertising buys shows the two biggest spenders are former state Sen. Dan Moody, who has reserved more than $1.4 million in TV time through the April 18 vote, and Democrat Jon Ossoff, who has laid out more than $1.1 million for TV and radio airtime.

The other big fish is the Congressional Leadership Fund, the House leadership-backed super PAC that has reserved nearly $1.1 million on a wave of attack ads targeting Ossoff.

Two other candidates have made smaller ad buys. Former Johns Creek Councilman Bob Gray’s campaign has spent at least $50,000 on cable TV spots, while ex-state Sen. Judson Hill has reserved about $40,000 in airtime.”

Hot take of the moment? This is the only game in the country right now, and will draw outsized attention from national media who will seek to portray it as a referendum on President Trump and the most current battlefield in the ongoing culture war between the right and the left. And any candidate whose tv advertising budget is less than seven figures is going to wind up as an also-ran, DNP.



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