Morning Reads for Halfway Through Women’s History Month

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“At Peace With Woman” by The Jones Girls. 

  1. Can it be a bloodbath if 6th CD Dems all bring letter openers to a knife fight? 
  2. Sonny Perdue’s special brand of patronage is headed to DC! 
  3. Washington Post is stunned to learn Southerners don’t like the KKK anymore. 
  4. GSP rescues puppies–cute photos inside! 
  5. East Lake development may not be all it’s cracked up to be. 
  6. UGA professor opines on Dutch election in Financial Times

The following bills will be on the Senate floor on WEDNESDAY,MARCH 15:


  • HB 39 – Real estate professionals; disciplinary actions and sanctions; change certain provisions (RI&U-49th) Powell-32nd
  • HB 44 – General appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 (Substitute) (APPROP-4th) Ralston-7th
  • HB 83 – Firefighters’ Pension Fund; invest up to 10 percent in real estate; provide (Substitute) (RET-6th) Maxwell- 17th
  • HB 213 – Crimes and offenses; sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession of fentanyl within the prohibition of trafficking certain drugs; include (JUDY-6th) Golick-40th
  • HB 359 – Supporting and Strengthening Families Act; enact  (H&HS-45th) Fleming- 121st


13 thoughts on “Morning Reads for Halfway Through Women’s History Month”

        1. Nat King Cole is the most noted of singers (and the first to record in 1946ish) of the ‘The Christmas Song’ by national treasure Mel Tormé. Many people have covered it, like Bing Crosby in the late 1950’s. The Grammy Hall of Fame issue for the song is the Nat King Cole Trio version. Of course you must not like Nat King Cole, messing up who sings a national treasure and all.

          Bing’s national holiday treasure is White Christmas, by even greater national treasure and Russian Jewish immigrant Israel Baline (AKA Irving Berlin). Even more ironic, one of the most lauded of patriotic national treasures was written by this immigrant for a movie, ‘This Is The Army’ in that starred Ronald Reagan…’God Bless America’.

  1. Good deal. The CBO predicts Donaldcare will help make Social Security more solvent by $3B over the 2017-2026 period (page 33, Table 3, Footnote f). How’s that you say? Because uninsured people are more likely to die.

    Meanwhile, House Speaker Ryan said that “CBO report confirms it —American Health Care Act will lower premiums & improve access to quality, affordable care” while HHS Secretary Price saw it differently: “We disagree strenuously with the report that was put out.”

    No worries, Trump will tell ‘em what he heard on Fox TV yesterday morning and settle the disagreement.

    1. Y’all are founding and charter members of Trump’s Chumps! No story about any scandal whatsoever, Russia or otherwise. Nothing, zero nada! Keep throwing that mud and have turds like Snoop Dog out making faux killing vids! The voters cannot wait to pull the levers against you in two years!

  2. Looks like some sour grapes in GA6th. Its never good when given the chance to make your case you spend it attacking…sorta like that elephant with pearls (I still marvel at the stupidity of that ad)

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