Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 14

Happy Pi Day! And to think we thought that was yesterday. Many thanks to Nathan for holding down Tuesday morning last week while I was on vacation.

Here’s what’s on the Senate floor today:

  • HB 58 – Motor vehicles; reference date to federal regulations regarding the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and carriers; update (PUB SAF-7th) Rogers-10th
  • HB 86 – Domestic relations; definition of sexual abuse; expand (JUDY-45th) Oliver-82nd
  • HB 157 – Medical advertising; certain certifying organizations; revise certain criteria (H&HS-45th) Kelley- 16th
  • HB 174 – Insurance; insurer’s medium of payment of policy or contractual obligations; expand (I&L-14th) Lumsden – 12th
  • HB 265 – Income tax; credit for establishing or relocating quality jobs; revise provisions (Substitute) (FIN-49th) Efstration-104th

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