Brockway to Seek Secretary of State Post

It’s old home week today at GeorgiaPol.

The AJC Political Insider Team beat me to it, but with news of Brian Kemp “leaking” that he’s running for Governor, the announcements of his replacements shall commence immediately.  And first out of the gate is my friend (don’t hold that against him please) Buzz Brockway.

Says the AJC of Brockway:

First in is state Rep. Buzz Brockway, a Gwinnett Republican elected to the Georgia Legislature in 2010. A Georgia Tech graduate, Brockway is known for savvy advertising and sponsoring a new crackdown on human trafficking and electronic voter registration.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve had great feedback. Assuming these reports are true and Kemp runs for governor, I’m going to run for Secretary of State,” said Brockway.

“I’ve worked on election law since I took office, and we need to make sure our elections run smoothly and everyone who wants to vote can vote.”

At the risk of dragging out a tired political consultant’s line, Buzz is the consummate work horse, not show horse. Much of what the SOS office doesn’t isn’t showy, but is sure shows if it isn’t done right.

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To quote Ric Flair: WOOOOO!


I hope he’s psyched about settling county border disputes

Zack Lindsey
Zack Lindsey

Buzz has great TV ads and is also a really nice guy. Wish him luck!


OK, I am envisioning a Jeopardy/Who’s on First mashup for an advertising campaign:

Alex: And the answer is: Georgia’s Finest Sec. of State
Alex: Angie?
Angie: Yes?
Alex: Your answer?
Angie: ~~Buzz!~~
Alex: Yes, but, your answer?
Angie: Who is ~~Buzz~~?
Alex: No, Who is a Dr. Seuss character.

You can have that for free Buzz.