I’m Told We Haven’t Covered Marco Rubio Endorsing Judson Hill

1) The past two evenings I’ve been pinged late asking when we’re going to cover Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement of Judson Hill for the special election to CD6.
2) Consider it covered.
3) Here was the Governor’s Chief Of Staff’s response to this endorsement:

4) This tweet is relevant because the whisper campaign for Hill is that “the Governor’s people” are supporting him. Apparently not. There’s my insider’s take.
5) Yes, I’m supporting Karen Handel, haven’t gotten around to writing about that yet, but anyone that’s been paying attention for a few weeks or 7 years knows that. Haven’t been writing about her either.
6) If you would like to understand the tone of this post better, I’ll refer you back to this comment from me yesterday, here.
7) I hope this gets us all caught up.


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