GA Congressmen on the American Health Care Act

Rep. Rick Allen (R, GA-12) shared his thoughts on the recently introduced American Health Care Act, which can be read HERE.

“From the beginning, I have always said my goal is to restore patient-centered, cost-effective and market-driven solutions to our health care system. Standing by this goal, the introduction of the American Health Care Act is the next big and needed step in the repeal and replacement process. I look forward to reviewing this bill and working with my colleagues as they markup the first draft to produce a final product that will rescue Americans and American families from the binds of our failing health care system. Americans deserve better than Obamacare—plain and simple.”

Statements from Rep. Bishop and Rep. Collins can be seen after the break.

Rep. Sanford D. Bishop (D, GA-2):

“With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, the United States joined the rest of the industrialized world in providing health care coverage for its citizens. In Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District, the implementation of the ACA has led to a 4.7% drop in the uninsured rate. It has guaranteed that the over 550,000 individuals with health insurance in the district, both public and private, have access to preventive services like cancer screenings and flu shots without any co-pay. It has provided all policyholders with important consumer protections such as coverage for pre-existing conditions and prohibitions on lifetime limits, and it has helped close the Medicare prescription drug donut hole.

“Instead of working to improve on the progress we have made, House Republicans have proposed a bill that would jeopardize the ability of our citizens to lead healthy and productive lives. Their plan would eliminate a number of the vital protections provided by the ACA. Uninsured rates would rise, health care costs would increase, and millions of Americans both in Georgia and across the country would lose their access to important health care services. It makes little sense for Congress to be rushing headlong into this disastrous policy that could significantly impact so many lives.”

Rep. Doug Collins (R, GA-9):

“With the American Health Care Act, our unified government has begun the process of doing what we promised to do—repealing and replacing the disaster that is Obamacare. We’ve listened to the millions of Americans hurt by the misnamed Affordable Care Act and those whose hopes were dashed by its broken promises.

“The process of making quality health care affordable and accessible for every American starts with the repeal of Obamacare, with removing the government from the doctor/patient relationship and giving the insurance market the opportunity to rebuild from the havoc Obamacare has wrought on it. On this front, the repeal of the individual mandate is crucial. It means that people can have access to the health care that works best for them, instead of being forced by the government into expensive insurance plans that keep substantive health care out of reach. Moreover, Republicans are remembering both our neighbors and our future neighbors: The American Health Care Act prohibits federal money from flowing to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

“President Trump has a common-sense approach to health care reform and has said that this bill is the first step in that process. Our unified government has moved to stop the suffering caused by Obamacare, and I look forward to considering the American Health Care Act in the House.”


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