Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves Running for Mayor of Atlanta

Did the Atlanta mayoral race need another candidate? Well when said candidate is the Fulton County Commission Chair the answer is: yes.

John Eaves, first elected in 2006, confirmed to the AJC he would run for mayor meaning there are now nine (!) big-name candidates. 

Eaves told the paper:

“I felt the city needed someone of my caliber. The city of Atlanta deserves transparency, and I want to set the tone.

“If there’s a time to exit from Fulton County, it’s a good time to exit. I certainly feel that we have a good, strong track record. The government is not perfect, but it’s in favorable standing.”

A few interesting notes: he doesn’t need to resign from his current post so if the clowncar circus campaign doesn’t go in his favor he can run for reelection. Should he stay in the race, it’s not impossible to see a scenario that has a Republican leading the county.

I think I’m already exhausted by the machinations in place for this year!



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