Update on the free-for-all in GA-6

UPDATE #2: Comes word now that the first to officially qualify for CD6 is now former State Senator Judson Hill, who walked the fine line between confidence and humility with the following statement: “We have a short period of time to enact the changes needed to put our country back on the right course. As we work to repeal and replace Obamacare as soon as possible, I’m the conservative legislator in this race who has written and passed patient-centered healthcare reforms in Georgia to expand access and lower costs. No one can replace Secretary Price, but I’m prepared to pick up his mantle and continue work on this pressing issue that affects all Georgia families.”  Hill has also been endorsed by former Georgian Newt Gingrich and the Family Research Council. 

UPDATE #1:: Former State Senator Dan Moody says he’s in the race, running on the “acta non verba” platform. “This is an historic opportunity to deliver on tax cuts, job creation, repealing Obamacare and shrinking the massive size of the federal government. The time for talking is over and the time for doing has arrived,” Moody said in a statement. 

Let’s just call it Georgia’s 6th Congressional donnybrook for the time being. First out of the gate is Bob Gray, who skipped over the chance to make a “50 Shades of Bob Gray” pun in his opening ad, and opted for a slick compilation of stock video built around traditional American themes of greatness, swamp-draining, and the Statue of Liberty.

There’s this troubling sentence, most likely the victim of a vague pronoun reference: “I believe we need to send citizens to DC, not attorneys and not politicians who will be there for a short period of time and solve problems and then go home.” (At :13-:20)  Let’s make grammar great again. According to the campaign, The ad begins today and will air district-wide “…as the first installment of a six-figure cable buy.”

At the other end of the decisiveness spectrum is State Rep. Betty ‘Hamlet’ Price, who has been threatening to announce that she would make up her mind about a decision on whether or not she’d consider thinking about running for her husband’s former seat in Congress for the past several weeks. As of Saturday, however, she has given herself a 72-hour deadline to make a decision, so we might know something by tomorrow.

We will keep you posted as the donnybrook unfolds.


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