Tom Price Confirmed As Secretary of HHS

The Democrats continued to stall as long as they could, but thanks to Harry Reid, stalling is the only bullet left in their gun.  Congressman Tom Price was confirmed in the wee hours of the morning on a straight party line vote.  A doctor is now at the helm of the agency that oversees Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – and a $1.1 Trillion dollar budget.

Price will quickly resign his seat in Congress, leaving a special election for the Governor to call.  The other Georgia impact is that the state may quickly resume requests for waivers to begin Medicaid pilot programs to move patients out of emergency rooms and into care centers for routine medical services.

This was a pilot sought two years ago but the state ultimately withdrew its request after being told by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid they would most likely not approve such a waiver. An executive order signed by President Trump directs CMS to approve waivers where possible.  This is a stopgap measure while Congress debates changes to the Affordable Care Act and a potential replacement.

Congratulations to Georgia’s own Congressman Price.  He’s got a lot of work ahead of him.


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