Falcons Gripe Fest: OPEN THREAD

Look Charlie’s being the better man today. Put it in perspective, regroup, and move on. I get that, and appreciate his maturity. He’s right, and I’m all for moving on -but we need a minute to grieve. Here’s your opportunity.

They might have given up 33 points in the last quarter, (HOW DOES A TEAM DO THAT) but the Falcons won the popular vote. Nazi a-hole Richard Spencer claimed the Patriots’ improbable win was a victory for “White America,” and while I disagree with my former State Senator about a lot of things, I think Jason Carter spoke for all of us with his response.

Well said, Jason. The Patriots beat the better team. (H/t to the team at the AJC’s Morning Jolt for catching Carter’s comment.)

Let it all out, people.


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