Morning Reads After an Absence

Almost exactly 365 days after we lost Mott the Hoople’s drummer, we lost Mott the Hoople’s bassist Pete Overend Watts.

“All the Way from Memphis” by Mott the Hoople.

  1. Fort would make Atlanta a Sanctuary City. 
  2. Coca-Cola CEO doesn’t like Trump’s Executive Order. 
  3. On Clarkston, GA–the United States’ most diverse square mile. 
  4. John Lewis’s Record in Congress is Less Than Heroic. 
  5. Rep. John Lewis’s civil-rights record is honorable, but is there a statute of limitations? 
  6. So Why Did Sally Yates Do What She Did?
  7. LaGrange Mayor, Police Chief, Aplogize for 1940 Lynching. 
  8. The BBC’s 12 best novels of the 21st century is entirely predictable and probably inaccurate. 

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