Rep Gerald Greene Hospitalized After Robbery

Aaron Sheinin of the AJC is reporting that State Representative Gerald Greene (R-Cuthbert) is recovering after being shot during a robbery in Columbus today.  It appears Greene was a customer at a convenience store when the robbery occurred.  Representative Greene was shot in the leg.

The Speaker’s office indicates that Greene is in stable condition and a full and speedy recovery is expected.  No additional details about the robbery are readily available at this time.

Prayers are extended to Rep Greene on his recuperation, and I’m thankful that this didn’t end up worse than it did.

Updated: The story as reported yesterday has some new details. What was reported yesterday was essentially correct so long as you have a broad definition of the word “convenience store”. WRBL Columbus picks up the coverage:

“At Foxes Cinema? In the parking lot of Foxes Cinema. Were you visiting there or some other business in the area?”

He said he had been to Foxes Cinema on previous occasions, but not Thursday. Instead he was visiting the 30th Avenue Package Store where he frequently buys lottery tickets. Ironically, Greene says he was carrying several thousands of dollars in donations to the American Red Cross for storm relief, which the robber did not get.

Tonight’s Megamillions jackpot is $188 Million.

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