DeKalb Struggles to End Era of Scandal

Michael Thurmond is the DeKalb’s new CEO. Sherry Boston, the new District Attorney. Donna Coleman-Stribling is the new Solicitor. Greg Adams is the new Commissioner in (Super) District 7, and Steve Bradshaw defeated Sharon Barnes-Sutton in District 4 last July. With all those newly-elected officials, DeKalb looked like a county ready to put years of scrutiny behind it, and start a new day.

But since last July, Barnes-Sutton’s spending has been under federal scrutiny. A subpoena from the US Attorney’s office seeks information about the Commissioner’s spending public money with CAL Enterprises LLC and For Winners Only. Inc.

According to Mark Niesse in the AJC and Richard Belcher at WSB-TV, “Sutton paid CAL Enterprises $22,289 to manage communications with constituents, produce newsletters and organize a town hall meeting, according to Sutton and records obtained by the AJC through an open records request. Channel 2 couldn’t locate Chiquittia Anderson, the Atlanta company’s registered agent.”  Sutton also paid out some $9,100 in DeKalb taxpayer money for a 21-page “transition report” (pdf at the link).

Former Commissioner Sutton says the investigation is bogus, and that “They’re wasting taxpayer money falsely accusing me,” although CEO Thurmond says that he will “…continue to support the U.S. Attorney’s Office and do all we can to support the process to ensure justice is done.”

We need a new motto, because “DeKalb. Just when you thought it was over,” doesn’t exactly convey a universal appeal. Here’s to hoping all those new officials can turn the page.


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