Congressman Tom Graves’ Office Announces County Connection Days

Congressman Tom Graves’ (R-GA-14) office sent out a presser yesterday announcing its County Connection program for 2017.  The program helps bring Congressman Graves’ staff closer to the constituents who are unable to go to the permanent offices in Dalton or Rome.  From the presser:

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) today announced the 2017 schedule for the 14th Congressional District’s County Connection Program. The County Connection Program stations members of Rep. Graves’ staff in counties across the 14th District in order to provide a personal link to Congress for Georgians who may not be able to visit the permanent district offices in Dalton and Rome.

“Assisting constituents who are having problems with a federal agency is an important part of my job,” said Rep. Graves. “Whether you’re a senior citizen having trouble accessing your Social Security benefits, a veteran denied care at the VA or someone having trouble with any other federal agency or program, my staff is here to help. My staff and I will do everything we can to ensure the federal government serves you as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Note: The counties of Floyd and Whitfield do not have County Connection days because they are home to Rep. Graves’ two permanent congressional offices that have full-time staff and are open five days per week.

You can go here to view the full schedule for each county in Georgia’s 14th congressional district.  Whitfield and Floyd counties are not listed because they host permanent field offices for the Congressman and are open 5 days a week.

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