Morning Reads for January 18, 2017

What if I told you on Friday the office is getting lunch. Instead of ordering what most of the office wanted, the minority choice would be ordered. You’d be pretty upset, huh?

“Jupiter” by C Duncan.

  1. NYT takes in-depth look at new Falcons’ stadium redevelopment. 
  2. Former Klan Grand Dragon asks King family for forgiveness. 
  3. GSU crushes rival, becomes winning Sun Belt team since 2013 when GSU re-joined the conference.
  4. 10 compare-and-contrast photos of Atlanta. 
  5. Morehouse gets $1m donation; getting a new president.
  6. How will the Trump aesthetic change America; who will be his Walt Whitman? 
  7. Seriously, his Poet Laureate is going to be a joke.
  8. Financial Times Books to Look Out for in 2017. 
  9. The problem with English: “The US has just been outsmarted by foreigners it didn’t understand.”

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