Pence: “Just So Disappointed” by Lewis’ Decision to Skip Inauguration

VPEOTUS Mike Pence had his feelings hurt by Atlanta Congressman John Lewis.

Lewis, who has, uh, caused a bit of a stir the past few days, confirmed he will be skipping PEOTUS Trump’s inauguration. Lewis said he considers Trump an “illegitimate” due to concerns of Russian meddling in the election. 

Pence told Fox News today:

“I served with John Lewis and I disagree with him on many issues. But I respect the role he’s played in the civil rights movement and the voting rights movement. That’s why I was just so disappointed that he would make the statement that he made suggesting that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president.”

File this one under the Whaaaambulance Watch…

If Pence is genuinely concerned with how the opposition party views and engages with the incoming administration, then Pence should counsel the PEOTUS to not immediately attack congressmen with objectively incorrect, made up statements once they express opinions about how Trump was elected.

You can view Pence’s statement below the fold.


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