Go, Buzz, Go! House Committee Assignments Released

The House has released its committee assignments and Rep. Buzz Brockway, one of our former writers and all around nice guy, has been named as the Chair of the Code Revision Committee. We salute his hard work and service and congratulate him on his new position. Go Jackets! I mean, Go, Buzz, Go!

Some other notable assignments:

  • Kevin Tanner is the Chair of the Transportation Committee
  • Mandi Ballinger moves up to Chair the Juvenile Justice Committee
  • Robert Dickey is Chair of Education Appropriations, replacing Tom Dickson
  • Jason Shaw is Chair of Transportation Infrastructure
  • Rick Jasperse is Chair of Higher Education. Jasperse co-filed campus carry legislation last year.
  • Brian Strickland is Chair of Industry and Labor. Brian is a young gun moving up.
  • Newcomer Megan Hanson has been assigned to the Judiciary, Special Rules, and Transportation committees.

A list of the full committee assignments can be seen HERE or after the break.


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