2 South Georgia universities plan to study merger

Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University plan to begin studying what benefits and obstacles merging the two higher education institutions might bring.

The Savannah Business Journal reported Thursday that a formal announcement will be made Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.

The path they’re considering? Making Armstrong State’s campus the GSU-Savannah campus in hopes of doubling student enrollment. Armstrong State is currently without a university president and the results of this study could mean the position remains vacant indefinitely.

Currently, the land adjacent to ASU is owned by the University System of Georgia, leading many to believe a merger to expand the campus has been under consideration for quite some time. Chatham County would stand to benefit considerably from the infrastructure brought by expanding the campus and local students currently commuting to Statesboro would no longer need to do so.

Fellow GeorgiaPol contributor Lawton Sack says that a merger would move Georgia Southern from the 6th largest public university in Georgia to the No. 3 spot.


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