All I Want For 2022 Is A New Congressional District

It’s no surprise that Georgia is growing.  Businesses are moving here, jobs are being created, and new neighborhoods are popping up around the Atlanta metro area. The Chattanooga Times-Free Press has an article that outlays the growth in our state and compares to others and the nation.

Georgia’s has grown by 6.4%, meaning an additional 621,691 moved to the state, over the past six years.  Of that, 110,973 came to Georgia between 2015 and 2016 which pegs us at #7 for population growth in the United States.

The national trend continues with Sun Belt states like Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona gaining population and northern states like Pennsylvania and New York losing population.

There is a good chance that Georgia could gain an additional seat (or two!) in Congress.  Where would those new seats be?  I’ll take a SWAG and say that one would be around the metro area, but it’s possible that two could be around the metro area if booming growth continues in the metro area.

It’s only 2016 (closer to 2017, really), so we’re still about 4 or 5 years away from hearing if Georgia will be getting any new congressional seats after the 2020 Census is tabulated.  Of course, it’s never too early to speculate.

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