Morning Reads with Regrets (Mourning Reads?)

I haven’t heard enough good Christmas music. Basically anything not released in the last 20 years. (Seriously, there hasn’t been a single good update of a classic).

“Mistletoe and Holly” by Old Blue Eyes. 

  1. ICYMI: Georgia’s Electoral College electors voted for Trump. 
  2. Georgia leads the nation in executions! Whooo-diggity!
  3. Larry Colburn, Helped Stop My Lai Massacre and Georgia Adoptee, died last week. 
  4. A touching story on how the north Georgia wildfire fighters made use of a Jewish camp as their base.
  5. Are soccer fields needed at MARTA stations? I have no idea. 
  6. Honestly, half of streetcars paying the fare is pretty good but it should still be fare free. 
  7. Nate Fuqua GSU’s new DC/OLB Coach. 
  8. Renee Fleming on the new phase of her career–one that might include no more performing in operas. 
  9. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ latest opus on Obama and race is much too complicated to be summed up in a sentence. I suggest you read it for yourself (Republicans would probably benefit most from reading it; the least likely to do so). 

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