Secretary of State Kemp’s DHS Hacking Petition Located On Campaign Site

Earlier, I wrote about Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s demand for answers from the Department of Homeland Security’s possible hacking attempt against state systems.  He has a petition located over on his campaign site where you can sign your name to ‘demand answers’ from DHS as well.

There is nothing wrong with a petition to ask for answers to legitimate questions.  To me, though, it would seem more of a legitimate cause to get answers if it was hosted on something like rather than his own campaign site.  With it being so close to the 2018 gubernatorial election, you can’t help but wonder if this petition is more of a ploy to harvest names and email addresses from voters for a presumptive run for governor than it is to keep folks up-to-date on the status of the petition.  Most folks will probably forget about this issue come Inauguration Day.

That’s how I read the tea leaves, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.


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