Christmas Time is Here–Morning Reads

My Christmas wishlist begins and ends with me trolling the POTUS-elect and him responding. The worst part about that is that I’d have to Tweet, second is that we’re getting a POTUS who wants to revenge-Tweet everything out of thin-skinned pettiness. Sweet.

“Let’s Unite the Whole World at Christmas” by James Brown

  1. Did Newt get rejected for a Cabinet pick? 
  2. Yes.
  3. Trump Won’t Rip Up NAFTA. 
  4. At this point, it’s safe to say he conned Americans with his campaign–none of his major pledges will be honored. Remotely.
  5. Mayor Reed’s driver charged with a misdemeanor for causing a wreck–while driving Hizonner. 
  6. Multiple arrestee, Hall County home owner, Katt Williams banned from Hall County. 
  7. Who is going to pretend like they knew about Miguel Almiron? 
  8. Financial Times picks the best books of 2016. 

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