Congressman Tom Graves Vying For Powerful Appropriations Subcommittee Chairmanship

Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA-14) has been in Congress since 2009 (after Nathan Deal resigned his seat in Congress to run for governor).  After Congressman Tom Price (R-GA-06) is confirmed for his post as the next Health and Human Services secretary, Congressman Graves will become the most senior Republican in the Georgia House delegation.

He’s also looking to expand his influence by, according to the AJC, his desire to become chairman of the Financial Services subcommittee, a subcommittee on the House Appropriations committee.  It’s up to House leadership to grant him the chairmanship.

The conservative from northwest Georgia would have influence on a $23 billion purse that funds the White House, the IRS, and DC.  From the AJC:

The post would put a Georgian at the center of GOP efforts to roll back the Obama administration’s financial regulatory overhaul, slim down the IRS and block D.C.’s bid for statehood. Graves would also be able to shape guidance on Cuba, net neutrality and corporate political giving.

Graves does not appear to be facing any opposition for the position, and Politico reports that he has the support of the man who’s expected to be named Appropriations chairman in the days ahead.

The Congressman has quickly rose through the Republican ranks in his 7 years in Congress.  This would be another feather in Georgia’s cap and for conservatives if GOP leaderships appoints Graves to this position.

Although Congressman Graves has been criticized by some in my district for not being “conservative enough”, I believe my Congressman has done a good job of understanding how to govern while representing the values and principles of his home constituency.  Having a conservative like Tom Graves on this committee will certainly be a good thing.

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