Morning Reads Full of Thanks

We receive a lot of fan mail as GAPol contributors (as you might imagine). The consistent theme I’ve seen in all correspondence with me is a tremendous sense of thanks that y’all get to read such greatness on a weekly basis. You’re welcome.

“Sending My Love” by Pleasure

  1. If a team has won 67% of the games in a rivalry, can it really be called a rivalry anymore? 
  2. 68% of Georgia’s hate crimes committed in Cobb County. 
  3. That’s your misleading headline of the day.
  4. Dekalb Avenue getting a much-needed overhaul. 
  5. Walter Banks getting free Uber rides to the new Braves stadium. 
  6. Atlanta Fed predicts a 3.6% GDP rise in Q4. 
  7. Trump Foundation actually corrupt, sets up a real Constitutional violation. 
  8. Trump’s unnecessary decision to live in NYC to cost an extra $1m a day in security. 
  9. Trump’s blind trust increasingly anything but, and here’s a crib sheet to all his ethical foibles. 
  10. George W. and Obama former top ethics lawyers say Trump is, uh, not setting himself up well for ethical and legal dealings. 
  11. Good thing he was going to drain the swamp.

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